The heart of all your problems

  • depression, stress and anxiety
  • anger/aggression
  • distraction/lack of focus
  • inability to switch off after work
  • dissatisfaction in their work
  • poor sleep
  • poor health
  • lack of confidence
  • conflict with colleagues or family
  • Being frantically busy and working too much, in an attempt to prove your worth to others, which is exhausting.
  • Taking things personally, which might lead to conflict with your colleagues, or anxiety.
  • Rejecting or resisting your own emotions because you think ‘I shouldn’t feel like this’. This makes you feel worse: more stressed, anxious, sad or unhappy.
  • Being very self-critical, which causes repetitive negative thoughts that might distract you at work or keep you up at night.
  • Not prioritising your own health and happiness because you see it as selfish, which makes you unhealthy and unhappy.
  • Not thinking you deserve to do a job you find satisfying, which convinces you to keep doing work you don’t like.

As I Began To Love Myself



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Andy Hix

Andy Hix

My work is all about love. Loving yourself, loving other people and loving the earth. I do that through writing, podcasting, coaching, running workshops.