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  • Quy Ma

    Quy Ma

    I empower creators & entrepreneurs in the digital economy. Category Manager. Digital Economist. Entrepreneur. Gamer. Content Creator.

  • Charles Davies

    Charles Davies

  • Frederic Laloux

    Frederic Laloux

  • Dex Hunter-Torricke

    Dex Hunter-Torricke

    Former comms for Facebook, Google, UN, SpaceX.

  • Rob Grundel

    Rob Grundel

    All the stuff I’m curious about and am exploring. Leadership, service and growth.

  • Bianca Gavin

    Bianca Gavin

  • Melissa Abecassis

    Melissa Abecassis

    Relationship Coach, Mediator and Facilitator

  • Moritz Kerkmann

    Moritz Kerkmann

  • Vladimir Potop

    Vladimir Potop

  • The Open Co-op

    The Open Co-op

    Register now for OPEN 2018 - a two day conference on ‘platform cooperatives’ in London this July: #OPENCOOP #platformcoop #commons #p2p

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